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We generate more value from your members


Increase member revenue

Generate more revenue from the members you have with no capital outlay, no additional workload and zero risk. Our flagship solution.


Renew lapsed members

Renew last years members and bring back members from years before. We bring our analytics, technology and workforce to work hand-in-glove with your team.

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Our propietary member engagement system delivers unparralelled results and sits at the heart of everythign we do.


| Generate more revenue from your members. 

Our end to end new revenue solution tailored for Sports Clubs. Our programme is built upon four pillars:


  • Set and forget. TME do everything end to end.

  • Zero risk. TME Pay for everything, and member funds go directly into the club’s account.

  • Member engagement. Each member touch-point in our framework has been built to ensure members are handled with utmost care.

  • Strong returns. The net profit for our clubs is typically DOUBLE that of alternative solutions.


We use the insights drawn from TME.CONNECT and combine them with our scalable contact centre solution.  The combination drives highly targeted one-to-one offers being made to members at exactly the right time.

"I don't read all the club emails; you send me a ton. But you can count on me for this thing"
 - Colin Andrews. 65 yrs young, 27 years a member.

| Increase membership renewals through meaningful one on one connections.

This isn’t outsourcing. It’s an extension of your membership team. Seamlessly integrating with your club, we bring scalability, cost efficiency and our proprietary member engagement framework ‘TME.CONNECT’.

Renew members
  • Align. Mirroring your membership strategy and conveying your message.
  • Integrate. We work hand-in-glove with your membership team. In planning and day-to-day.
  • Automate. Member-centric efficiency provides reduced cost without compromise.

  • Connect. Targeted, informed and meaningful connections. Our proprietary system built for member engagement

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Members are not customers.


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TME.CONNECT is our proprietary systems which serves as the backbone for all member engagement. It’s build on data drawn from over 100,000 one on one conversations held with members, and it continues to evolve as we have more each day. The insights we extract combine with our delivery systems which while inspired by contact centre best practice, was built for member engagement.

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About us 

| Purpose: To generate more value from an organisations members.

| How: To innovate and deliver proprietary solutions, that create new revenue streams and enhance existing ones, for organisations who employ a membership based model.

| Values:

  • Ownership. Seeing commitments through and protecting our 'never missed a target'  mantle.

  • Integrity. Being 'naively honesty' because we know being trusted is core in our long term success.

  • Member lead. Delighting our clients through pleasing their members.

  • Authenticity. It does what it says on the packet. What we sell our clients is exactly what they get.

| Our Story: Total Member Engagement (TME) was built on the realisation that members are not customers. Becoming a member is as much about connection and feeling a part of something, as it is about value. It's for this reason, we realised that consumer style solutions are not suitable for member engagement, but there are some valuable lessons that can be drawn from consumer facing companies.


TME was built in 2018 to fill this void. Our founder had 20 years' experience in consumer engagement; serving as a consultant to that industry. The process we went through to design TMEs offering, was to ignore that experience, listen to the membership market and then (and only then) draw on consumer company lessons in customer engagement best practice.


It is from this vantage point that we have created Australia's leading member engagement solution.

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