We are Telemarketers who will back ourselves by sharing the risk.

Our clients can test the water with very low capital outlay 

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Welcome to TME solutions!  We are an Australian based Telemarketing and Appointment setting organisation.  We specialise in:


  • Telemarketing

  • Appointment setting

  • Fundraising


We partner with organisations to build tailored solutions that dovetail to your organisation and operating model.  With leading edge technology, we are able to make use of a multi-channel approach often including SMS, email and of course voice.  This also comes with rich reporting and insights that allow you to learn more about your market and hone your approach.


As it stands, most of our customers are on ‘risk free’ models; we only get paid for the results we deliver.  We have build our entire operating model around being able to make this unique offer.

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Getting Started
We invest the time to get to know your organisation and what you're trying to achieve.  Then, more often than not, we back ourselves by offering a risk free option

We listen. We seek to understand your organisation, your value proposition and how our involvement might add value to the broader value chain. Our role in your pipeline


We nerd out. We analise any existing data you have and your current operating model.  We interveiw any key stakeholders.


We execute. We start making calls; driving optimisation of the script, the offer and crunching numbers.


We create choice. Based on the learning captured from the first three stages, we typically make three options available...


We do and pay for everything and you pay us on results only

Risk Free

We charge you a small hourly fee and have a commission structure


We perform the function for you and you pay by the hour.  Smaller commission structure is put in place

Pay for Service

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41 Stewart st, Richmond, VIC 3121

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